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Would you like to find out about the origin of your surname?

Do you want to know more about your ancestors?

Are you stuck with your research and not getting any further?

Are you unable to do the research in Switzerland yourself because of geographical reasons?

I am happy to support you in researching your family history.

Contact me without obligation. As soon as I know your issue, the specific chances of success and the expected effort can be assessed. The time required depends primarily on the desired result. However, other factors such as the different sources of information depending on the canton and the different access to sources also play a role.

StANW A 1197-3-2

State Archives of Nidwalden, StANW A 1197-3/2: Stammbuch Keiser / Keyser, Leuw, Strub / Z'Rotz, Lussi, Odermatt, von Matt, Zelger, Stulz, zusammengestellt von Landammann Johann Laurenz Bünti auf Vorarbeiten von Johann Melchior Leuw (1730). p. 376. Photo: Olivier Felber, 11th May 2018.

For the canton of Nidwalden, for example, there are family registers in which the long-established families from Nidwalden have been recorded for centuries. These registers go back to the preparatory work of the Landammänner Johann Melchior Leuw (1598–1675) and Johann Laurenz Bünti (1661–1736). In the picture above, you can see an excerpt from one of the Bünti family books. In other cantons, there are usually no comparable sources, which is why you often have to research everything from the ground up.

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