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Do you have old documents that you cannot read?

Have you come across sources that cannot be deciphered at all or only partially?

Can you read the old texts but do not understand the content?

I would be happy to help you with the transcription and translation of old German texts.

Contact me and send me pictures of the relevant document stating the page number and the desired result (transcription only or transcription with translation). A non-binding offer can be drawn up on this basis.

A transcription with translation into today's German could look something like this: Example transcription and translation.

StALU ZG 1-65

State Archives of Lucerne, ZG 1/65: Kaufs- und Gültenprotokoll Twing Zell (1773–1798). p. 145. Photo: Olivier Felber, 11th September 2021.

Not all scribes had good penmanship. As the above entry from 1796 shows, scribe Josef Dubach from Zell LU had a rather clumsy handwriting. In some cases, unusual spellings such as «brodicoll» for «protocol» or «Ficentz» for «Vinzenz» make things even more difficult.

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