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Customer feedback

«Mr. Felber advised us optimally and compiled the dossier very thoroughly, in detail and understandably exactly according to our specifications with the family tree of our family including additional information such as family coat of arms and where it comes from. All this in a short time. You can feel from his work that he knows his job and is passionate about it.»

«Work very satisfying - transcribed line by line and structured by page! That's how I imagined it.»

«Mr. Olivier Felber provided me with valuable and competent help in my search for ancestors. When exchanging the required information, he was always very obliging, very friendly and helpful. I can only recommend him.»

«Mr. Felber responded promptly and with great interest to my inquiry regarding genealogy. Quickly and without complications, he started searching for our ancestors in various registers and directories in the archives and was able to deliver the first results within a short period of time. The research report was prepared with care and provided with source information, he also provided photos of the documents found. We thank Mr. Felber very much for his competent, friendly and speedy service and can warmly recommend him. Through his help, we were able to close the gap in our family history.»

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